All Expenses Paid - Barcelona Landscapes

Never say never, having won a competition we were whisked off to Spains Landscapes - exploring the beautiful places an hour from Barcelona. All i can say is wow so many stunning places, the hospitality was amazing, the weather good, and the food.. amazing

We started in the medieval gothic town of Tona, Vic then moved onto the caves, Manresa Suria Catalonia, Rec in the Suria Region.. We visited the Toll Caves, the surrounding parks and the fabulous Sau Resevoir. It really was amazing and a nice change to a city break.

huge thanks to Igers london and Bagnesturisme and everyone involved with showing us how beautiful Barcelonas landscapes are. You can see the group of 10 who went, all of which partook in a competition and won a place on this fab little break. The Hashtag you will find many more fabulous photos on is #igerslondoninbcnlandscape