Parallax Art Fair

So the weekend started with visiting the Town Hall at Kensington and Chelsea London Borough.

sure what to expect but I was after visiting one particular stand and it was @LisaBousfieldart.  Please give her a follow on instagram.  Such a lovely young lady and a true creative.

 Lisa Bousfield is a Manchester born artist, and despite relocating to the sunnier climes of Ibiza, where she lives with her husband Richard and two children, Lisa will always view Manchester as her home. Lisa held her first exhibition in 2013, with the Centenary Centre Art Group at the Centenary Centre, Peel, Isle of Man.  Since then she has been a featured artist in The Ibizan newspaper (March 2017) exhibited work in Cafelito Manchester, La Maison De L’Elephant Ibiza, Sluiz Ibiza, Nude Cafe Ibiza, and White Cactus Ibiza. She tells me she drafts from a picture and all she sees is light and shadow.

I found that absolutely fascinating. Her proud nan her best friend  was there too and she was just as chuffed to meet everyone. An absolute pleasure to meet her, she kindly let me take her portrait among her art works.

The exhibition in itself was of a varied and creative nature.  So many amazing pieces of art on display, sculptures made from glass, jewellery, paintings, canvas  - it was lovely to meet so many artists.  The venue was huge but extremely cramped im hopeful they will take heed to my suggestion and have a better "crowd flow" later in the year and have a one way system so that we can all enjoy the art.  It should definitely not be over two days.

If you went let me know about your favourite pieces, I've added snaps of mine. Sign up to their mailing list so you know when their next event is on.  There was something for everyone of an extremely high standard.  A very inspirational start to February for me and gave me an awful lot to think about.

LisaBart Bowie.jpg
LisaBart nan.jpg
other art on display.jpg