Norfolk Charity Walk

Sometimes i like a challenge but usually im prepared for it.

Due to recent events this trip I was not ready at all.  You see i signed up to support the charity that assists disabled photographers in Norfolk with a charity walk.  Its called Summer Solstice its a walk on the longest day of the year starts at sunrise and ends at sunset. It took place in   beautiful Norfolk on 21st June 2018.  It should have been 12 miles due to circumstances it turned to 18.5 miles. (the tide was high and we could not walk along the coast on the beach so we had to hike up the cliffs and walk zig zag around the cliffs).  it was a tough one. We all survived bar a few blisters. Most of all it was fun and the coastline stunning.

It was my first time visiting Norfolk coast, Cromer Sherringham and a few other areas along the way ending up in Maudsley but it was truly breathtaking.

As i don't usually shoot landscapes it was fun to learn and i have produced some lovely images im very proud of.  it was extremely windy and keeping the tripod still was a tough one.

Doing photography has brought together so many of us and to go out as a group of 16 strangers having never met before, spending 19 hours together during our walk just proves how much a passion can bring so many like minded people together.

in hindsight, I struggled as i said i should have trained and i didn't but then again i did not assume it would be a long walk as such, the support and encouragement from one another in the group when they knew i was finding it hard with immense.  There is no way on earth i could have finished the walk without their support.

Motto, life isn't to be lived in your comfort zone! Get out and explore push your boundaries.

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The charity we raised funds for:

 some pictures on instagram

some of my images

The 2nd photo is c/o Sital Patel the last photo is c/o Venesha Thompson both who participated and their support was much appreciated 

enjoy the snaps