Tim Walker - Wonderful Things Exhibition @ V&A now till March 2020

One thing I will say is exhibiting at the V&A must be a truly amazing experience. The previous exhibition I visited care of my friend Siu was Dior and it was superbly curated I didn’t think anything could top the layout the atmosphere or the setting. This didn’t top it but it came close although im not sure due to the images or the decor. Equally Great though -Five rooms to explore each with a different theme. It kind of feels as if your in someone lounge/house.

Tims exhibition very well curated taking in the artists personality, images and extravaganza style. Fabulous photographic opportunity for the reflection hunter and the symmetrical junkie. Each room is well curated which show off the designs and the creations in the photos. The stylised photoshoots, the creative genius each room is so different to the other. The images kind of fit with the decor of the room, and they are so fabulous you can totally immerse yourself into them.

What I also loved that there were some BTS (behind the scene) photos of Tim styling the models. It really is a rainbow of creativity. Im sure a lot comes from his fashion background and his many years in New York. 15years in the business and he has certainly made his mark. From such a young age he has done superbly well.

Each room sends you into an era, a lot of images send you into the 60’s then the 70’s and so forth. He is short of a designer rather than a photographer, the outfits created for his photoshoots are on display, are are bold, brassy, eccentric, weird but there is an element to genius with them. I would personally love to use some of them in my own photoshoots. Hey Tim i’m in London too (waving at you). :)

Each area kind of gives a boudoir feel, as if you are in someone home and the era the photos depict you feel you are there. The shiny floors reflect his images throughout, make sure you view all the photos displayed in the frames too.

As artists its easy to get a mind block and sometimes stick to one genre, however Tim’s images his creations his colourful palette and eccentricity kind of gets you thinking. Why on Earth would you want to be “normal” why just shoot with one format why now add a head piece and some more colour and a lot of flare. For me personally kind of gave me a green light to be more outrageous and creative and not follow the norm but to put ideas together and go forth. Images attached for you to view and get an insight into the exhibition.

The exhibition is ticketed and discounted to art fund card holders (unless you have a friend in the know called Siu) you can get in for free.

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You can read more about Tims inspirational career here:- https://www.timwalkerphotography.com/biography